Cowboys and Engines

Walter has joined the cast of the movie project, “Cowboys and Engines.” He’ll be playing  an inventor, Professor Nicholas Timéon, who creates a machine with incredible destructive power. He’ll be starring alongside Jeff Cannata and Libby Letlow in this Steampunk adventure film.

You can view the Kickstarter trailer below and donate to the project HERE.

Pre-Order “Raver”


The newest edition of Walter’s 90s comic book series, “Raver” is being re-packaged and an additional new story has been added. You can pre-order the entire graphic novel (the 3 original comics + the 1 new one) at Amazon!

“MoonTrap” Review

The Daily P.O.P. blog site has posted a review of the 80s film “MoonTtrap,” which starred Walter and Bruce Campbell (of “Evil Dead” and “Army of Darkness” fame).

Excerpt from the post:

“Moontrap is a cult classic and a fun flick that captures the latter days of the sci-fi 80′s boom. The special effects are quite good and while the acting can be a bit stiff at times, it moves along well (though the soundtrack is more dated than the lead actress’ mullet). Developed into a comic book, it fully exploited its cross-market appeal. We may mock Moontrap today, but it wisely targeted its audience and, like a laser beam shone throw dry ice, zapped them between the eyes.”

You can view the entire article HERE. And, thanks to The Daily P.O.P. for bringing back some attention to this classic!

Have any of you Walter fans out there seen “MoonTrap?”