GenCon 2013

Walter was one of 4 Media Guests of Honor at this year’s GenCon, in Indianapolis, Indiana. He was brought in by Mayfair Games for the release of the new expansion pack of their popular “Settlers of Catan: Star Trek” role-playing game! The con was a wild success, with over 40,000 people in attendance, this year! Below are a few pictures from the show!


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Space City Con 2013

As many of you know, Walter attended Space City Con in Houston, Texas at the beginning of this month- with some of the other “Star Trek:Renegades” cast: Manu Intiraymi, Tim Russ, and Robert Picardo. Denise Crosby, Jewel Staite, Tracy Scoggins were a few of the other names in attendance. Walter sat 2 panels; a “Star Trek: TOS” one with Don Marshall and a “Babylon 5” one with Tracy, Jason Carter, and Marshall Teague. I’ve posted a few pictures from the con below. Hope you enjoy!


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