Blue Dream Released on iTunes

“Blue Dream,” was released on iTunes, to purchase. Walter filmed “Blue Dream” in 2011 alongside many of the “Mad CowGirl” crew members and actors, including James Duval and Gregory Hatanaka. It was released for a couple of film festivals, but now you can purchase it for yourself HERE.

If you would like more information on this movie, here are links to the official IMDb Page and the official Facebook Page.

Interview for “Star Trek: Renegades”

Here is a three-part interview with Walter, done by the “Star Trek: Renegades” production, about the new fan film he has been working on. A new IndieGoGo fund was started to raise money for even better production and again, the goal was reached with some to spare. You can still donate to the fund by going here and donating with PayPal. Filming begins in October and the movie is set to debut in 2014!

Part 2

Part 3