Star Trek: Renegades Update

According to some members of the production team for “Star Trek: Renegades,” filming for it will be concluded on October 18th. Due to the later than anticipated start, there’s been no solid word on a release date that has changed from the originally projected 2014 date. The production wishes to thank all of the actors, crew, and all of the fans for their support and funding for the production; and, to say thank you, they’ve released the video below! Here’s to all of you!

Blue Dream Released on iTunes

“Blue Dream,” was released on iTunes, to purchase. Walter filmed “Blue Dream” in 2011 alongside many of the “Mad CowGirl” crew members and actors, including James Duval and Gregory Hatanaka. It was released for a couple of film festivals, but now you can purchase it for yourself HERE.

If you would like more information on this movie, here are links to the official IMDb Page and the official Facebook Page.

Interview for “Star Trek: Renegades”

Here is a three-part interview with Walter, done by the “Star Trek: Renegades” production, about the new fan film he has been working on. A new IndieGoGo fund was started to raise money for even better production and again, the goal was reached with some to spare. You can still donate to the fund by going here and donating with PayPal. Filming begins in October and the movie is set to debut in 2014!

Part 2

Part 3

GenCon 2013

Walter was one of 4 Media Guests of Honor at this year’s GenCon, in Indianapolis, Indiana. He was brought in by Mayfair Games for the release of the new expansion pack of their popular “Settlers of Catan: Star Trek” role-playing game! The con was a wild success, with over 40,000 people in attendance, this year! Below are a few pictures from the show!


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Space City Con 2013

As many of you know, Walter attended Space City Con in Houston, Texas at the beginning of this month- with some of the other “Star Trek:Renegades” cast: Manu Intiraymi, Tim Russ, and Robert Picardo. Denise Crosby, Jewel Staite, Tracy Scoggins were a few of the other names in attendance. Walter sat 2 panels; a “Star Trek: TOS” one with Don Marshall and a “Babylon 5” one with Tracy, Jason Carter, and Marshall Teague. I’ve posted a few pictures from the con below. Hope you enjoy!


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Archive of American Television

Walter filmed and interview with at the end of last year/beginning of this year, for their “Archive of American Television.” They’ve finally released the video on YouTube! You can view the first part of the interview below and follow each part consecutively as it pops up- or, I will be posting them in the interview archive of this site, as well. The interview lasts a total of about 4 hours! You’ll learn plenty about Walter throughout the entire thing! Hope everyone enjoys watching as much as he enjoyed being a part of it!

“Cowboys & Engines” Reaches It’s KickStarter Goal!



The new Steampunk film project that Walter has signed onto has reached it’s KickStarter goal of $100,000! This follows the announcement of actor Malcolm McDowell joining the cast alongside Walter and Richard Hatch. The film has posted a stretch goal of $120,000- for improved set design, costumes, and whatever else the money can be used to improve the quality of the film’s production. A special thanks to all 811 backers! If you’re one of the backers, you’ll be receiving any updates for the film through their posts on KickStarter. For the rest of you, we’ll be doing our best to keep you updated on any info here or you can still view the KickStarter page for “Cowboys & Engines.”

Emerald City ComiCon 2013


Walter was at the Emerald City ComiCon in Seattle, WA, alongside Patrick Stewart, Gillian Anderson, and Misha Collins- as well as many other guests. The show was attended by nearly 50,000 people! Walter’s panel was a full house and moderated by David Boze of Seattle’s KIRO Radio. Were you one of the many attendees of the convention? Did you get the chance to meet Walter? Were you at his panel, “To Boldly Go: A Conversation With Walter Koenig?”

You can find a review of Walter, Patrick, and Billy Dee’s panels, HERE, at The Morton Report.

And, a 2 part video of Walter’s panel, posted by YouTube user Lauren Hardy:

Part 1

Part 2

And, a few pictures: